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Recreation of Natural Processes through Biochemical, Molecular & Nano level for the wellbeing of the Society at Global level.


An Integrated Biotechnology approach for the Production of Natural products of nutritional, therapeutic and ecofriendly nature.


Sustainability – Sustainable life
Affordability – Affordable to all
Accessibility – Globally accessible
Quality – Superior quality as per international standards
Diversity – Multidimensional products


Since - 2017

21st century is the Era of Biotechnology. Today the living system of the people on this planet are totally disturbed with microbes predominating viral infections, vitamin loss, mineral deficiency, hyperglycemia, cardiovascular diseases (CVD), cancer and other impaired metabolic disorders. The fascination of scientists and researchers to biological…

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Nature is the treasure house of health ingredients that can enable the body to heal and form strong protection to combat illness and environment toxins.

With reference to the famous quote of Hippocrates the father of medicine “ Leave your drugs in chemists pot, if you can heal the patient with food”, Food as medicine is the main motto of the company.

  • 1

    Development of Nutraceutical Products & Herbal drugs from Nature for Health & Cure.

  • 2

    Detection of the drug action of traditional medicines at Molecular level for the production of herbal drugs with reference to Diabetes, Cancer and Dementia.

  • 3

    Screening of plant resources for developing Ecofriendly products like Biofuel.

  • 4

    Sharing Molecular expertise for strengthening professionalism in Herbal Research.

Scopeful Bioresearch Private Limited, SBR Private Limited

SBR Research Projects for Product Development

  1. Effect of Coconut Neera on Cancer patients subjected to Radiation & Chemo therapy Patients of Potassium & Iron efficiency.
  2. Fortification of Mature Coconut water as Health Drink .
  3. Development of Nutributter.
  4. Technology for Cost effective and Rapid production of Virgin Coconut Oil (In the Pipeline).
  5. Molecular studies on Therapeutic effect of Virgin coconut oil for the prevention and cure of Alzheimer's disease.
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SBR Products

Herbal medicine / cosmetics

Herbal medicine / cosmetics that can be transferred to Herbal Industry

Insulinomimetic product for Diabetic patients – A novel substitute for insulin.
Herbal ointment for healing normal and delayed wounds with scar less property.
Infants & Kids skin care.

Scopeful Bioresearch Private Limited, SBR Private Limited

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