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Academic – Industry Internship Programme

Duration-1 month


The overall goal of the Internship training program is to provide appropriate skill and hands on learning in Molecular Biology & Genomics for identifying gene through PCR, Real Time PCR RT PCR Technology and Bio-separation and purification techniques.


As the high end area of academics, Molecular Biology provides an excitement in science and research of Nucleic acids &proteins for the biological well-being of current and future generations. So it is the privilege and duty of the students and researcher to participate in research using the most advanced techniques in molecular biology, genomics, proteomics, and biomedical sciences based on their academics and professional needs. It will be helpful for them to work with pharmaceutical and other biotech industries.

Industrial Biotechnology Training Programme aims to provide specific training to students for skill development and is specially designed for students to gain hands-on-training experience thereby enhancing their job opportunities in biotech industry. Hence all possible efforts are made to inculcate research aptitude and good work culture among the students through well planned properly executed and evaluated training.


Key features of SBR

Well trained technical expertise
Well narrated modules for effective follow up
Learning forums for understanding various research methodologies and implementation pathways.
Robustness in developing a competitive budding researcher
Task based intern skill development
Dimensional focus on intern progress
Multi-level evaluation and certification

Objectives of SBR

Course Curriculum – 20 hrs

THEORY (10 hours)
  1. New trends in Biotechnology
  2. Prospects of Molecular Biology
  3. Genome, Nucleic Acid & Gene
  4. What gene can do for us?
  5. Current trends in genomic research
  6. Theoretical Concepts in Molecular Biology – Wet lab & Dry la
  • Nucleic Acid isolation (DNA, RNA)
  • PCR & qPCR technology
  • Cloning Technology
  • Sequencing
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Transgenics
  • CRISPR Technology
  • Synthetic genome
  • Molecular diagnosis of viral diseases

  1. Steps of characterizing a gene
  2. Isolation of DNA/RNA
  3. Gene & Protein Data Banks – NCBI, EMBL, PDB, SWISSPORT
  4. Primer Designing
  5. Restriction mapping
  6. BLAST analysis
  7. Multiple sequence analysis
I. Intern Assessment -
II. Internship Certification +

At the successful completion of the Internship, the student will be eligible for an internship certificate.

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